WORLD BREASTFEEDING WEEK from 1st to 7th of AUGUST 2022 conducted by DEPARTMENT OF COMMUNITY MEDICINE. World Breastfeeding Week : DAY-1 ( 01.08.2022 ) World Breastfeeding Week : DAY-2 ( 02.08.2022 ) World Breastfeeding Week


We are celebrating the WORLD BREASTFEEDING WEEK from 1st to 7th of AUGUST 2022  will be conducted by the DEPARTMENT OF PAEDIATRICS


CME on Congenital Anomalies of Kidney & Urinary Tract On 5th AUGUST 2022 will be conducted by DEPARTMENT OF ANATOMY.On 5th AUGUST 2022 will be conducted by DEPARTMENT OF ANATOMY.

On World Environment Day

On World Environment Day, tree plantation and distribution ofsaplings to villagers done by the Department of Community Medicine in karai village on 7th june 2022.

World Blood Donors Day

World Blood Donors Day celebration conducted on 14th june 2022by the Department of Blood Center, MMCHRI.

White Coat Ceremony

White Coat CeremonyConducted for 2022-23 MBBS Students on April 21st 2022 by MMCHRI.

CME on Lung Functions

CME on Lung Functions in Health and Disease with the Theme: “MILIEU PULMONAIRE”Conducted by department of physiology on june 1st 2022.

CME on Colorectal Cancer

CME on Colorectal Cancer (CRC 2022) Conducted on 26th may 2022 by the Department of Gastroenterology.