Central Research Lab


MAHER University has established a Central Research Facility to gain recognition as a centre of excellence in medical research. The Central Research Facility, established in the year 2007, is the "A to Z gateway" for research, to take care of all logistics of research planning, research projects administration, research documentation, besides providing a centralized sophisticated equipment facility. This facility in a plinth area of 15,000 sq.ft. has a medical informatics and study design unit, Contract Clinical Trials Division, Epidemiology Research unit, Project Development and Documentation Unit, Traditional Research Unit and a University Sophisticated Instrumentation Centre. All high-tech equipments for the genomics, proteomics, spectroscopy, chromatography, radioisotopy, microscopy, facilities along with cold room [-20oC] etc. are available. Presently there are 120 major and 216 minor research projects operational in the college which are broadly classified as

  • Sponsored research projects funded by MAHER University, DST, Indian Council of Medical Research etc.,
  • Individual research projects by faculty, undergraduate and postgraduate students including
Animal Facility for Development and Research :

A fully air-conditioned "Central Animal Facility for Development and Research " with facilities for maintenance, experimentation and laboratory studies has been exclusively developed in a plinth area of 7,000 sq.ft. This animal facility will be utilized for experimental research in accordance with the principles of good laboratory practices and CPCSEA guidelines of the Government of India. Further, it will facilitate research & development in partnership with academic institutions, industries and funding agencies for drug discovery-cum-validation, devices development and all aspects of Translational Medical Research. The Centre will also be involved in skilled manpower development through education and training in laboratory animal care and experimental techniques.

Members Of The Research Advisory Committee:
Animal ethics committee
  • Dr.G.Valli – Biological Scientist
  • Dr. S. Viswanathan – Scientist incharge of animal house facility
  • Dr. M. Chandrasekar – Scientist from different discipline
  • Dr. C. Ramachandra Bhat- Scientist from the outside of institution
  • Mrs.M.Natheera Banu – Non Scientific Socially aware number
  • Mr. N.Bhaskar, Biological scientist link nominee CPCSEA
  • Veterinary officer of the institution
  • Dr. M. Michael Aruldhas
Human ethics committee
  • Dr. Jaideep Mahendra - Chairman of ethics Committeet
  • Dr. M. Chandrasekar - Vice principal/ Secretary E.C
  • Prof.G.Balan - Retd. Principal (Educatonalist) / Member E.C (2011-12)
  • Tmt.Natheera Banu - Advocate (Women member of Social
  • Dr.Rajkumar - Epidemiologist – Member E.C
  • Dr.Ganesan M.S - Clinician – Member E.C
  • Mr.Perumal - Lay Member
  • Dr.Punitha - N.G.O
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