Event Details

Meenakshi Medical College Hospital & Research Institute
Enathur, Kanchipuram- 631552

The International women’s day was organized and celebrated from 5th March to 7th March-2020.

The following events were conduced
Day-1: 05.03.2020 “Well Women Clinic” was inaugurated by Dr. N. Neelambikai, M.D., Dean,MMCH&RI

The following were covered:

• General examination.

• Breast cancer screening
(Clinical examination ,screening of breast USG mammogram )

• Cervical cancer screening
(Clinical examination, pap smear screening )

• Screening ultra sonogram.

• Vaccines.

Day -2 06.03.2020 International Women’s Day – Guest lecture on Women empowerment

 Welcome address was given by Dr. Jayanthi,M.D, Professor & HOD, Department of OBG

 Inaugural address was given by, Dr. N. Neelambikai., M.D. Dean, MMCH&RI

 Guest speaker Dr. ShanthyGunasingh , M.D, Retired Director of IOG Egmore, addressed the gathering.

 Special address was given by Dr. Kala, M.D, Professor, Department of OBG

 Faculties, Postgraduates, Undergraduates actively participated in speech, dance, poetry and singing related to the theme.

 Vote of thanks was given by Dr. Renuga Devi, M.D Professor, Department of OBG


Time: 8.30 – 10.30 am – Awareness programmeat 5 places in Urban Kanchipuram.

Theme of the awareness programme

 Government women Health and welfare Schemes

 Government apps for women’s safety

 Screening camps for breast and cervix cancer and vaccination at our college from 5th to 11th March - 2020
Time: 11.00 am – 1.00 pm - Inauguration of Gender Champion Club & Women’s Day Celebration

The students were taken to 5 urban areas in Kanchipuram accompanied by the HOD’s, faculties &tutors. The students were provided with crowns, pamphlets and chocolates. The girls and boys met women from various social categories which included flower vendors, hotel servers, street vendors, vessel vendors andfemale passengers in bus . These women were appreciated for their constant good work. They were interviewed regarding the availability of Government Schemes related to women welfare. They were crowned and presented with chocolates. They felt honoured.

 They were educated about Kavalan app – safety app launched by Tamil Nadu Police to help women during their time of distress.
 They were also educated about Mothers fortress – Ammavinaran app.
 They were educated about other child & women welfare schemes.
 They were informed about WWC – Well Women Clinic in Meenakshi Medical College Hospital & Research Institute which offers free screening for breast cancer and cervical cancerand also vaccine against cervical cancer. (Date:05.03.2020 – 11.03.2020).

 Gender champion clubInauguration was done by Dr. N. Neelambikai., M.D. Dean, MMCH&RI

 Debate was conducted on the topic “Generation equality “andwas judged by the HOD’s of the Anatomy & Physiology departments.

 Cookery competition was conducted where there was equal participation by the boys& girls and was judged by Professor and HOD Department of Pharmacology, Professor and HOD of Community Medicine, Professor of Microbiology Department.

 A Flash mob dance was performed by the students of the Krenovianz& the Genezens.